What is the iWonder Pod? 

The iWonder Pod is a monthly subscription of virtual classes for children that take place daily. All materials needed for the classes are provided to you, so there’s nothing to prepare! The subscription includes everything you need to create, learn, and grow with tons of friends online. 

How Did It Start? 

Our company, Learning and Behavioral Center, has been the leader and number one provider in social skills and behavioral health support in Southern California for the past 17 years. When the pandemic hit, we had to quickly pivot in order to elevate our kiddos emotional and social health and this is when the iWonder Pod was born!  Our rocking clinical director brought a team of pediatric behavior analysts, teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, and artists to curate the  iWonder Pods. The classes we have put together focus on social skills, empowerment, art, STEM, STEAM, leadership, and OT skills. 

What Do You Learn? 

Our goal is to teach and strengthen impactful life skills and social skills – things you don’t typically learn in school, while having a ton of fun! 

Life and Social Skills 

  • Fine motor 
  • Gross motor 
  • Intraverbals 
  • Listener-responding 
  • Coordination 
  • Instruction Following 
  • Memory Recall 
  • Attending 
  • Imitation
  • Problem Solving 
  • And more! 

What’s included? 

The subscription includes: 

  • 4 virtual class themes + all customized materials included (Focus on STEM, STEAM, empowerment, leadership and arts)
  • Admission to 4 book and game club classes
  • Admission to 4-5 different parent training and support classes
  • Several bonus surprises for your child to enjoy during the unboxing

When Are The Classes? 

Classes are daily (Monday through Saturday), in the mornings or afternoons. If you miss a class, it’s no worries because every theme is scheduled weekly and at least 4x per month.

Note: You may qualify for coverage of these services via your insurance provider. Please contact us below to check your eligibility.