ABA Information

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) involves the breakdown of all skills into small, discrete tasks taught in a highly structured and hierarchical manner. Central to the successful application of this method is the art of differential reinforcement where the therapist, parent or caregiver learns how to systematically reward or reinforce desired behaviors and ignore, redirect or discourage inappropriate behaviors. Also essential to any well-run behavioral program is the continual monitoring of progress through data collection. Data on a child’s progress are gathered regularly, and adjustments are made to the teaching program, as necessary, based on the child’s improvements. Everything from learning not to scream or throw tantrums, to learning to sleep through the night, to playing appropriately with toys, to learning how to functionally communicate using language, to learning age-appropriate social interactions can be successfully shaped or taught through ABA methodology.

What services does LBC provide?

LBC provides one-on-one and group therapy to children with anti-learning and anti-social behaviors. We effectively treat children with an absence or deficiency in their attention span, language (Verbal Behavior), social skills as well as treating excessive behaviors including, but not limited to crying, tantrums, aggression, fidgeting, etc. Those behaviors are typically associate with disabilities including, Autism (ASD), OCD, ADD, ADHD, and Down Syndrome.

Program Information

Does LBC offer full- and part-time ABA programs?

Yes, LBC offers both full-time and part-time ABA programs based each child’s needs.

How much input can I have on my child’s program?

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Clinical Supervisor write all of LBC’s clinical programs. Parent input is appreciated and encouraged. The center incorporates as much of this family feedback as possible while still following the assessment we use, the Verbal Behavior Milestones and Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP). The VB-MAPP is an assessment tool that helps break skills down into small, teachable units to build a strong foundation of critical skills. LBC then works to build upon these foundation skills in both complexity and generalization.

Are ABA programs year-round?

Yes, ABA programs  at LBC are year-round. It is important to us to provide year-round programming to allow our children to encounter the greatest number of learning opportunities possible.

Does LBC offer a summer program for children who are enrolled in more “traditional” school settings during the typical school year?

Yes, LBC does offer a summer program each year, typically for about 8-10 weeks during the summer months. Please contact LBC’s Tarzana office for details.

Clinical Staff Information

How often will I meet with the Board Certified Behavioral Analyst and/or Clinical Supervisor?

LBC has parent meetings every 4-6 weeks. The timing of these meetings is based on your child’s program. These parent meetings allow for discussion of your child’s specific program, including overall progress and future skills that will be taught. We request your feedback and any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child’s program.

Therapist Information

Who works with my child?

At LBC, each child is assigned a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Clinical Supervisor who work on, and oversee their program. Behavioral Facilitators implement their program on a daily basis.

What is the therapist-to-child ratio at LBC?

The Learning and Behavioral Center generally uses a ratio of one Behavioral Facilitator to one child.

Will LBC provide a Behavioral Facilitator in my home or school?

Yes, LBC is happy to provide a Behavioral Facilitator in your home or school. The option for in-home and in-school therapy is based on your program and will need approval.

How are LBC therapists trained?

LBC has a training team who are focused on the training of new therapists. All new therapists go through an ABA training program before working one-on-one with a child. Additionally, LBC provides formal, continuous training for all staff at least twice per month.

General Information

What ages does LBC accept?

The clients at LBC range in age from 18 months-18 years old.

Do you provide transportation?

LBC currently provides transportation in some areas; please speak with the Scheduling Coordinator for more details.

How do I get started?

Please feel free to contact us to schedule a free consultation and initial evaluation. During your first visit to LBC, you will get to know about our company and the services that we provide. Additionally, LBC’s on site BCBA or Clinical Supervisor will spend time with you in order to learn more about your child’s functioning level, and your specific areas of concern. After this initial meeting, you will be provided with a recommendation of services that are best suited to your child’s needs.