Khaled Alzaabi – Clinical Supervisor
Working at LBC is a wonderful experience! Many of the staff members here have been working together for years, and we feel like we are part of a family of individuals who care deeply about making a positive difference in the world. The unique thing about LBC is that we are always looking for innovative or fun ways to improve the lives of our clients, whether it be by offering field trips to fun and educational places, or through our new unique iWonder concept.

Cydnee Taylor – Program Manager
LBC has allowed me to express myself honestly and have given me a safe space to grow in ABA community. I feel as though I am heard and have the support of the my supervisors to continue my growth in Behavior Analysis.

Amanda Dominguez – Program Manager
My favorite part about working with LBC is having a supportive team.

Nicholas McElrath – Senior Registered Behavior Technician
I was gifted with the opportunity to work for LBC in a workforce that I actually feel supported and appreciated. LBC made it clear that not only am I appreciated, but that this company truly wants to help our clients.

Yasmine Armanios – Former Human Resources Manager
During my time at LBC, I have met some of the most kind hearted and truly hardworking people.

Aaron Engelberg – Former Program Manager
LBC is a close-knit of professionals who work tirelessly with our clients and their families to make meaningful changes in their lives. From the direct staff, to clinical supervision team, to administration team, everyone works together to provide the best, individualized services to our clients. You can count on a clinical team with a deep and diverse set of knowledge and experiences to apply ABA techniques for lasting, significant change in our clients and their families. And LBC doesn’t stop there. LBC is continually working to improve the field of ABA overall and invent new and exciting ways to best support those in need in the LA community, and beyond.

Sean Carey – Former Junior Behavioral Facilitator
The Learning and Behavioral Center is a safe and fun environment where both children and their facilitators grow and learn everyday. We may provide the children with naturalistic behavior therapy services, but the children have also provided me with experiences that I will never forget. Through the services at LBC, I have learned how to properly reinforce a child’s preferred growth and how to aid them in progressing into an independent, self-aware, and safe individual.

Nita – Former Behavioral Facilitator
During my time at LBC, I have learned a vast amount regarding the field of ABA therapy and behavioral health services. This knowledge has aided my own professional growth and has prepared me for a future career in the mental health field. The supervisors are constantly providing training services to make sure that we can meet the needs of each client individually.

Alma G – Former Behavioral Facilitator
My time at the Learning and Behavioral Center, LLC has given me the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of kids and a great staff who I get to learn from each and every day. I have seen some amazing things happen with our learners here at LBC and they wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and positive attitudes of our team. I have learned a great deal about Applied Behavioral Analysis and how to implement it, and I am excited to continue learning more.

Merrin Christenson – Former Behavioral Facilitator
In such a very short amount of time, LBC has provided me an opportunity to not only expand my knowledge but it has also forced me to grow as a person. I get to work with such wonderful and helpful coworkers who are always eager to lend a hand and provide guidance in any way they can. Getting hands on experience working with the learners in such a fun environment has given me the chance to better understand child development as well as ABA therapy. LBC has help me to gain the experience that I needed to confirm my desire to work in the field of childhood development in the future. I have loved working here and cannot wait to see what is yet to come.

Katherine Abdelkerim – Former Behavioral Facilitator
Working at LBC has allowed me to not only grow as a facilitator but as an individual as well. I appreciate the warm, team oriented environment that enables me to successfully help each learner learn and improve. Each learner is unique in their own way which makes our working environment that much more enjoyable. It’s amazing to see how much each child constantly progresses while also helping other learners do the same. My experience so far has been memorable and I look forward to continuing my journey here at LBC!

Jessica Mahn – Former Senior Behavioral Facilitator
The Learning and Behavioral Center has greatly enhanced my quality of life. Working here at LBC has given me a new love for the relationship between a child and their mentor. Our Clinical Director is constantly encouraging us to think outside the box when working with the learners as well as developing their Clinical Programs. Here at LBC, Ms. Ghatan and our staff have created a space for Acceptance, Love, and Leadership, where the learners are encouraged to explore and develop a vision for their lives. I feel so blessed to have had this experience so far with the learners and staff here at LBC, especially my mentor, Ms. Ghatan. I have really enjoyed watching myself grow through the Clinical Aspects of ABA Therapy as well as my personal growth and development. I am extremely looking forward to my future here at LBC, as we work together to empower the lives of our learners and future families.

Maya Fallon – Former Senior Behavioral Facilitator
While working as a behavioral facilitator at the Learning and Behavioral Center, I have been provided several opportunities to learn and grow professionally. With their extensive training program I have become more self-confident in my skills as a helping professional, as well as having an opportunity to apply the knowledge to practice. Because LBC has given me an interesting insight on the collaboration of psychology and child development I have a clear and well-defined understanding of the importance between equal and positive instruction on all internal and external factors affecting children. The facilitators and staff members at LBC thrive on the constant motivation and support that is constantly pumping through the center. Our director is continuously encouraging teamwork as well a self-responsibility creating a balance between self-development and group-development. It’s a privilege to work with genuine, hard-working individuals who are all dedicated in making positive contributions for the children and their families.

Jacqueline Steinberg – Former Junior Behavioral Facilitator
The Learning and Behavioral Center has taught me so much since I have joined this amazing team. I have grown both professionally and personally due to all of the experiences that have been available to me. Professionally I have developed new skills in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis as well as skills that I could take into any field, such as improved communication skills, fundraising techniques, and leadership qualities. Because LBC works with many different types of people, my people skills have improved and my patience level has increased. The center is an inspirational place for everyone: the children, the parents, and the facilitators. Everyday is a new experience because the kids and facilitators are always growing. Everyone at the center has a different background and different life experiences that they bring to the table. Everyone has something to give and it makes for the perfect working environment. Our summer camp is the perfect place to be for the most fulfilling summer one can have! We work with the kids to continue to develop their academic and social skills all while having the fun at the center and on our weekly field trips!

Jose Moncada- Former Junior Behavioral Facilitator
LBC is very unique location were one can feel the comfort and warmth from the staff and children. Everyday I wake up in the morning looking forward to work with my fellow staff members and the children. The staff will always be available to anyone. 
The center itself is a place were the children feel very welcomed. The center gives the children the opportunity to explore different social interactions with fellow learners. The learners also have the opportunity to interact with our wide variety of animals. The center is a safe place for the children to make new friends, feel loved, create a unique identity, and most importantly have fun. 
With the short time I’ve been in the LBC center I have to say that I have never experienced quite like it. I didn’t know what to expect from the center, children, or the staff. Volunteering has been one of the most important steps to my career and to my personal life. Professionally I have become more aware of the behavior of children. Every child is different so the center has allowed me to explore the best approaches for each child. The children have lot of influence in my personal life. They are not only children to me; they have become another important family in life. They have become attached to me as I have become to them.