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Autism and other behavioral health conditions affect millions of children across the country. Unfortunately, many of those children struggle to function in our society without support from a behavioral health treatment program. At Learning and Behavioral Center, we believe each child can do great things, regardless of their unique challenges or diagnosis. Our treatment programs help children live up to their fullest potential and enable them to effectively manage their symptoms. 

This means providing individualized treatment and making a connection. Our therapy programs are fun and designed to encourage children to get the most out of the process. We are the first center to begin a summer camp and the number one provider of social skills services, meaning we engage with parents, caregivers, and family through naturalistic training and teaching. 

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Treatment at Learning and Behavioral Center

At Learning and Behavioral Center, we are dedicated to providing applied behavioral analysis treatments to children from 18 months to 18 years old. We have years of experience in treating children with a range of conditions. For instance, our services include:

  • Autism treatment
  • ADHD and ADD treatment
  • OCD treatment
  • Down Syndrome treatment

Each of these conditions presents unique challenges to the child and their loved ones, making it challenging to function how society expects them to. Fortunately, we recognize the difficulties these conditions present to the family and provide treatment options for many of them. For instance, we can help a child manage their emotions properly to reduce tantrums, crying, and aggression. We can also provide assistance to help them stop fidgeting both at school and at home. With our programs, children can begin to grow and thrive as they start to control their symptoms. 

At Learning and Behavioral Center, we believe that each child is exceptional; each child we work with has specific strengths and interests. However, they also have distinct challenges. Therefore, we provide treatment that is tailored to their unique situations. 

Treatment Options for Children’s Behavioral Issues

We offer a range of treatment options that can help your child manage their condition. For instance, for children under the age of 3 years old, we recommend our early intervention program. Research shows that when a child receives treatment for autism or other behavioral issues early in life, they are able to more easily function in daily life and in society. With the help of our early intervention program, we can give children the tools they need to manage their diagnosis before they enter elementary school. Our programs encourage them to develop their social and intellectual skills, giving them the best chance to thrive regardless of their diagnosis. 

Another excellent treatment program we provide is group therapy. Many of those with children’s behavioral issues don’t know how to communicate with others correctly. With group therapy, children can begin to grow their social skills while they work with other kids in similar situations. This treatment ensures that each child knows they are not alone with their challenges. 

We offer a wide array of additional services for children’s behavioral conditions. For instance, some of our other services include:

No one deserves to face behavioral issues alone. With our treatment options, you no longer have to. Contact Learning and Behavioral Center today to learn more about our treatment options. 

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Childhood is a special time of life. During this time, children are learning how to interact with the world around them as they develop friendships, interests, and hobbies. At the same time, however, they face specific struggles, particularly if they have been diagnosed with a behavioral condition. Don’t let your child suffer because they are facing unique challenges. If you live in the Tarzana, California or Knoxville, Tennessee areas, visit Learning and Behavioral Center at our physical locations and explore our programs. And if you don’t live in southern California or southeast Tennessee, we offer telehealth services that are available to residents in all 50 states.

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