Many children do not have opportunities to socialize with other children in a setting with trained professionals. For this reason The Learning and Behavioral Center, LLC has designed social skills groups for various age groups. These groups are geared towards providing each individual with social skills and play skills they will need throughout their lives. The Learning and Behavioral Center, LLC uses ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) strategies to teach within all play and group activities. Activities are age appropriate and enhance opportunities for peer interaction while learning social skills. The Learning and Behavioral Center, LLC assesses each child prior to entering the program in order to successfully set group and individual goals.

Social Goals:

  • Group Participation
  • Sharing/Turn Taking
  • Social Awareness
  • Initiating Interaction with Peers
  • Listener Responding
  • Attention Span/Tolerance
  • Waiting Skills
  • Pretend Play Skills
  • Functional Communication
  • Safety Skills
  • Conversation Skills