What is your child’s most memorable moment at LBC?

“Wow, I’m not sure where to start, I hope one day all the parents that are looking for support bring their children to LBC in order to experience all the good things my son and our entire family have experienced. My son has been attending LBC for the past two years. LBC is our second home… My son has turned his grades from C’s & D’s to A’s & B’s, the improvement has been outrageous, it has amazed even his teachers. I believe, us as parents, we are so overwhelmed with our daily lives and work that dealing with homework is a challenge. While my son has been attending LBC for academic and behavioral support, it has given me more time to enjoy him and do more fun activities and build my relationship with him.

Mrs. Bita Ghatan is very professional, caring and a loving person, she loves all the kids. My son shares everything with her and loves her very much. I trust all of Mrs. Ghatan’s advice. “

– Parent of 11 Year Old

“When we first came to LBC our son was extremely aggressive and non-compliant. Now, just 4 1/2 months later, our son is very different. He is so much more compliant now. The best part is that he is communicating much more effectively and therefore his aggression has decreased tremendously! LBC has been a blessing for our son and our for our family!”

-Parent of 7 Year Old

“My son loved being able to earn Bonus Room Points and spend them on different toys and games. He also really enjoyed playing with all of the animals. ”

-Parent of 6 Year Old

“All the high energy from the staff and children keep him focused and looking forward to LBC each day.”

-Parent of 15 Year Old