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LBC values the hard work and dedication of our clinical and administrative staff. We appreciate our team members’ commitment to our clients, and we are proud to offer our full-time and part time employees the most competitive, exciting, and comprehensive benefits package in Southern California. Our effort to bring these comprehensive benefit packages are informed by OBM (Organizational Behavior Management) principles.  The science behind OBM has it’s roots in Applied Behavior Analytical practices, so we completely understand the need to create a positive working environment through effective adherence to these principles. 

The following is a list of benefits that include but are not limited to: 

  • Medical Insurance with a myriad of HMO, EPO, and PPO options after a 60-day probationary period (for full time employees).  We offer our employees insurance through carrier partners Blue Shield of California and Kaiser Permanente.  Educational support is available to all eligible employees who struggle to choose the plan that’s right for them.
  • A highly competitive 401k plan after 6 months of employment in which LBC will match 4% of employee contributions!
  •  Dental PPO and HMO options after a 60-day probationary period (for full time employees)
  • Vision Plans after a 60-day probationary period (for full time employees)
  • Chiropractic and Acupuncture benefits after a 60-day probationary period(for full time employees)
  • Life insurance after a 60-day probationary period (for full time employees)
  • A quality PTO (paid time off) package for all employees, accrued on a pro-rata basis
  • Floating and static paid holiday policy for all employees
  • 48 hours of sick time usage annually, accrued on a pro-rata basis
  • Staff recognition/reinforcement via our employee engagement platform Bonusly! This online point system gives rewards through gift cards, creative staff prizes, charitable donations, and monetary payouts.
  • National University is proud to partner with the Learning and Behavioral Center, LLC to offer a 15% tuition reduction scholarship to employees looking to expand their knowledge and skills for professional and personal growth. The Learning and Behavioral Center, LLC Tuition Reduction Scholarship is a great benefit for working adults who want to reach specific educational goals, but find it challenging to fit classes into their busy life. The tuition reduction scholarship can be applied to bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to further their career in ABA or other related fields!  You can find the landing page for our partnership with National University here.
  • Birthday celebrations with team members and learners 
  • Healthy snacks available for staff in our designated eating areas 
  • Uplifting and fun staff meetings 
  • Professional development; learning and development opportunities, webinars are available
  • The opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and detailed oriented behavior analysts in the field.  Learning and Behavioral Center is an ACE(Authorized Continuing Education) provider through the BACB.  For professionals looking for CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) as required through personal or professional standards, we provide opportunities to obtain CEU’s at no cost to you.
  • To make our employee’s transition into ABA more accommodating, we provide access to 40-hour training (at no cost to you)
  • Employees will have the chance to collaborate in extracurricular activities that promote growth. There will be opportunities to bring developmental projects or clinical research to the table pending approval from the clinical director. Upon completion the project will be compensated for. This allows employees to achieve recognition and grow both personally and professionally.
  • A quality communication development process utilized through the DISC assessment created by Tony Robbins.  Through the assessment, we gain insight into the different ways our employees communicate with each other to ensure we are efficiently collaborating as a team.
  • Company Laptops for our supervisory/admin team and kindles for our RBT and BI teams.

Job Openings

Internships and Volunteering

LBC is always interested in expanding our family of caregivers. Thus, if you’re interested in becoming an intern or volunteering, please reach out to our HR department today by emailing [email protected]