“Bita has the most experienced organizations effectively treating children with ADD and ADHD. She has an exceptional character. She is caring, honest, and treats the kids like their her own kids. In all the time that I have known Bita, I have never had a bad experience working with her. She has the upmost respect for those around her, and she will not take others for granted.”
Daniel B

“I strongly recommend Bita Ghatan as an extremely capable, dedicated, and thoughtful person. Whatever she does she does superbly well, taking to her work. Her work is impressive, her passion is undeniable, and anyone who seeks her services will not be disappointed by the slightest bit.”
Soheil Z

“Bita was a student of mine during her high school years in a supplemental education program where I was the founder/Executive Director. Bita’s passion to be an educator, working with students of special needs, was obvious from day one. She later became a camp counselor at my center. She did not waver from that passion as she pursued higher education. As the principal of a charter school where 10% of our students have an IEP or a 504 plan, I can see how the kind of dedication Bita brings to her students can benefit any child regardless of their ability or inability.”
Kiumars A
Executive Director at Ivy Bound Academy

“Bita is a very dedicated professional who always gives 110%. She has a great passion for her career and a wonderful gift to help others.”

Bita worked hard with my family, in helping my sister with Autism. She was knowledgeable, patient, always on time, and a very hard worked. Years have passed, and i wish she was still part of our therapy team!”
Svetlana R Psy.D.
Psychologist in Private Practice