LBC provides quality and state of the art telehealth services ranging from direct intervention (both 1:1 and group therapy), supervision, parent education, and training services. Our RBTs are trained with innovative and advanced technology to effectively manage maladaptive behaviors and teach your child appropriate functional skills. We are the experts in capturing your child’s motivation and interests! By doing so, we will be utilizing your child’s motivation to reinforce and strengthen skills in abundance of domains. This service occurs solely via video conferencing platforms.

LBC also provides high quality supervision by BCBAs via the telehealth modality allowing your child’s team to be consistently and effectively supervised. LBC supervisors are also able to provide parent training and educational services without requiring parents to leave their home. 

Our goal in providing any services, including telehealth, is to provide a tailored and person-centered therapy to meet the needs of your child and the entire family.

Why Would I Choose Telehealth? 

  • “I don’t have much time to travel to appointments.”
  • “I don’t live close to the center or BCBA service providers.”
  • “I like frequent check-in calls and parent training.” 
  • “There are no other providers present in the city I’m located in.”
  • “I’d like to reduce the amount of direct exposure I have with others.” 
    • Maybe applicable to immunocompromised members 


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