At LBC, we are passionate about providing parent education to ensure that our learners and their families are successful.  Parent education entails working with your child’s therapist to understand and implement the ABA strategies that are used in a clinical setting. Through these meetings, parents are able to assist their child in generalization of skills across environments and individuals. Research suggests that continued parent education supports learners in meeting goals, promotes generalization and maintaining skills over time. We truly enjoy collaborating with parents to create the most significant impact in your child’s life. 

Learning and Behavioral Center provides parent education in a 1:1 and group setting. These meetings focus on a variety of topics ranging from functional communication training to facilitating play with your learner.  Clinical supervisors will lead these trainings and provide parents with time to practice new skills, making this an interactive experience.  ABA is not just a therapy, but a lifestyle, therefore consistency is vital to success.  By attending these classes, new skills will be added to your parenting “tool box” to help your learner achieve their goals. 

What Are Some Parent Training Topics We’ve Done in the Past?

  • How To Work with Picky Eaters?
  • How To Potty Train in the Home and at Nighttime? 
  • How Do I Connect with My Child and Play Appropriately with Them? 
  • Understanding Why Does My Child Do This? (A.K.A. What Are The Various Functions of Behaviors?) 
  • Teaching Children on How to Make and Maintain Friendships
  • How to Set Up Rules and Boundaries at Home
  • How Do I Work Through Problem Behaviors, like Tantrums and Aggression
  • How to Introduce New Foods into My Child’s Diet
  • How Can I Get My Child to Become More Independent
  • Sleep Training 



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