We are proud to be the pioneers of behavioral camp in California! Camp LBC offers your child the opportunity to learn, explore, and engage in several community settings. This program allows your child to organically practice exploring different environments and responding appropriately in various environments. For example, if your child has difficulties in waiting their turn or waiting in line, why not go to a theme park and practice that skill in a very fun and playful manner? We love working in the natural environment to meet the true needs of your child and we believe every child should have memorable summer camp experiences filled with camp songs, exploration with their buddies, and adventures in the real world. 

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What Are Some Frequently Targeted Skills in Camp? 

  • Safety skills: how to seek help effectively, crossing the street… etc. 
  • Appropriate language and communication with unfamiliar peers and adults 
  • Appropriate language and communication with familiar peers/buddies and adults 
  • Waiting in line/waiting their turn 
  • Self-help skills, like ordering their own food



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