Senior Behavioral Facilitator


Senior Behavior Facilitators implement in-center and in-home applied behavioral analysis for clients with Learning disabilities and social restrictions, and other developmental disabilities. They assist the Clinical Supervisor with program development and therapist training. They also assist in Clinical meetings and parent training.
Task Analysis:

  • Assists in the development and Implementation of clients programs and follows behavioral protocols
  • Maintains accurate data regarding client progress;
  • Provides supervision in client assessment,
  • Planning and evaluation processes;
  • Assists in the leading of clinical meetings;
  • Meets with directors and supervisor for training and supervision;
  • Reports on progress and threats to progress during sessions;
  • Meets performance and clinical, and supervision goals
  • Conducts 1:1 Therapy
  • Conducts Group Therapy
  • Participates in Parent Training sessions
  • Conducts Home Sessions
  • Conducts School Sessions
  • Participates in Empowerment Workshops

Pay is based on experience and education.
If you would like to apply, please send your resume to