Mrs. Bita Ghatan (Mrs. G) is a world-renowned Behavior Analyst, certified autism specialist and expert in the field of ASD (Autism), OCD, ADD, ADHD, Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and other associated disabilities.

Mrs. G and her team of hand picked specialist serve a wide range of diagnosis – from high-functioning children with autism to the most challenging individuals whose families and teachers come to us as a last resort. Ms. G and the LBC team have an unparalleled recovery rate, enabling children and their family members to lead independent and productive lives. With a Masters of Science in Applied and Experimental Analysis of Behavior from California State University of Los Angeles, she received her mentorship from Dr. Barry Lowenkron, a world renowned and admired behavior analyst and the father of Joint Control.
Her extensive training in the experimental and applied analysis of behavior, includes the domains of Dr. Brian Iwata’s functional analysis and assessment methodologies, Dr. B.F. Skinners analysis of verbal behavior (VB), behavior analysis in education and academics, Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Natural Environment Training (NET), Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), other forms of augmentative communication, extensive training in teaching advanced language skills, social skills, Theory of Mind and Executive Functioning skills. Mrs. Ghatan founded The Learning and Behavioral Center, LLC (LBC) in 2004 and is amongst the most experienced and collaborative organizations effectively treating children. Based on our detailed domain assessments, LBC develops individualized treatment plans utilizing the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), a behavioral treatment in which the scientific community has empirically validated and disseminated for nearly 100 years now. Under Mrs. Ghatan’s leadership and prescriptions, LBC has been successful with every learner, over the past 13 years. Mrs. Ghatan is also the founder and president of the LBC Outreach program and the A.L.L. campaign (ACCEPTANCE.LOVE.LEADERSHIP) which actively reaches out and provides to Elementary, Junior High and High school communities, with powerful and life altering workshops and assemblies. Our seminars include but are not limited to drug and alcohol avoidance and anti bullying and acceptance workshops

5554 Reseda Blvd
Suite # 203
CA 91356


California State University of Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Degree: Masters of Science
 Major: Applied Behavior Analysis: 
 Completion Date: May, 2008

Autism Spectrum Specialist Certification
 Completion Date: March, 2007

California State University of Northridge:
  Bachelor of Arts
 in: Psychology Aug, 2004


Clinical Director and Founder – April 2007 – Present
 Learning and Behavioral Center, LLC
Providing direct Applied Behavior Analytic Interventions to Children Diagnosed with various disorders, including but not limited to: Autism spectrum disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder (with and without hyperactivity), Trisomy 21, and obsessive-compulsive disorder; Effectively collecting and analyzing treatment data; Tailored a detailed and comprehensive training system for all clinic staff and supervisors; Providing on going training and supervision for all clinical and administrative facilitators and staff (approximately 20 individuals); Conducting functional analysis and assessments for children with severe to moderate anti-learning behaviors. Conducting weekly or bi-monthly parent training sessions in the home or community settings; Serving as an expert witness; Developed an organizational performance matrix for employees and interns contingent pay increase, bonuses and promotions; Completing the revision of the language curriculum and implementing a verbal behavior analytic orientation to the treatment of patients; Refining a curriculum based-assessment. Supervising all research activities with Undergraduate and graduate level students; Monitoring and evaluating all clinical supervisors’ and behavioral facilitator’s clinical and corporate performance. Developed and supervised staff training materials; Working with California State University of Northridge as the recommended site for CADV student’s internship fulfillment requirement.

Clinical Director and Founder – December 2004 – April 2007
 Academic Trainer
Providing intensive quality services to children diagnosed with Autism, ADD, ADHD and Down syndrome, utilizing the procedures of Applied Behavior Analysis to teach appropriate verbal and non-verbal behaviors. The curriculum was a fusion of behavior analytic teaching methods including: Natural Environment Training, Discrete Trial Training, Direct Instruction and Fluency training. Graphed and collect data for every program in order to provide our staff members, parents and paraprofessionals an objective tool to measure program efficacy. Providing functional analysis and assessments, supervised parent and staff training and program implementation, teacher, parent and counselor consultations, and direct services to countries outside the U.S.A. including Europe, Asia and Middle East regions.

As the founder and clinical director of Academic trainer, my responsibilities included the following: filling and maintaining the appropriate business license documents, creating excel formatted timesheets and summary sheets for staff members to fill out on a bi-monthly basis, creating an effective payroll and billing system for clients and staff members to access on a bi-monthly basis, supervising payroll and billing on a bi-monthly basis, keeping up to date with various HR procedures and requirements, recruiting staff via the development of various marketing methods, conferences, presentations at local Universities (UCLA, CSLA and CSUN) and professional contacts, developing and presenting various training materials for staff, parents and paraprofessionals (e.g. teachers, counselors, aides, ed therapist…etc), developing programs targeting a variety of behavioral deficits including language, gross motor, fine motor, self help, socialization and compliance deficiencies, regularly meeting with and mentoring graduate level staff members, creating tools for efficiently scheduling sessions for staff members and classes for parents and paraprofessionals, developing IEP reports for school district personal using the data collected from functional analysis, assessments, record reviews and consultations. Providing trainings to the staff and teachers at Nestle Ave Elementary, per the request of Principle Iba Gomez.

Positive environments, Network of Trainers (PENT) Research Project
 California Department of Education
 Diagnostic Center, Southern California 
As a team of graduate students in behavior analysis from California State University, Los Angeles we spent many hours establishing reliability for the Behavior Support Plan Quality Evaluation scoring instrument. Effectively reviewing over 400 behavior support plans from the PENT Forums and was commended for demonstrating advanced level skills in behavior plan development and analysis. Received direct supervision and training from Diana Browning Wright, M.S., L.E.P and G. Roy Mayer, Ed.D.

Supervising Technician/Recruitment & Training Coordinator – 
April 2006-October 2007
 California Unified Service Providers, LLC
 An agency providing services, utilizing the procedures of Applied Behavior Analysis to facilitate learning. The curriculum is a fusion of various behavior analytic teaching methods (e.g. Natural Environment Training, Discrete Trial Training . . . etc). I conducted functional analysis and assessments, developed various verbal behavior based programs, supervised and trained staff and parents, assisted in scheduling and creating appropriate administrative documents, screened, interviewed and recruited competent technicians for the 1:1 therapy and provided a mentorship for 2-3 staff members at a time. Please refer to for more information.

Clinical Manager – August 2004 – January 2005
 Behavior Health Consultants 
Supervised all case supervisors and therapist. Provided on going trainings for Supervisors, therapist and parents. Introduced and developed a curriculum based on B. F. Skinner’s analysis of Verbal Behavior. Supervised the collection and graphing of data. Developed and maintained an individualized program for every client. Conducted all intakes, functional assessments and analysis, I.E.P. preparation and attendance, and conflict resolution meetings with the regional centers and school districts. Involved in the recruitment and interview of prospective employees. Implemented a performance based system for the Supervisors and therapist. Conducted the evaluations for all employees. Supervised the scheduling of all clients and employees.

Private Academic Consultant – March 2004 – August 2004 
All Subjects Tutoring
Assistance in academic literature and assignments. Teaching self-correction and monitoring skills to children from ages fourteen to eighteen. Implementing reinforcement procedure contingent upon academic improvements. Specialized in creating and implementing program for Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, World History, Reading, Writing and English pronunciation.

Supervisor/Case Manager Trainee – January 2004 – May 2004 Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc.
Curriculum implementation and development. Conducted functional assessments and developed behavior intervention plans. Parent and staff training. Increasing staff motivation and performance.

Senior Therapist-January 2003 – May 2004 
Center For Autism and Related Disorders, Inc.
Design and implement behavioral interventions for children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Implementation of discrete trial procedures. Data collection, graphing, and analysis. Training and evaluating Junior and Senior therapist. Writing individual quarterly reports of behaviors and program progression. Conducting parent-training sessions. Assembly of stimuli needed for the program progression. Probe all new interventions. Overlap on cases to ensure the accurate progression of programs. Support Junior therapists’ performance with regards to program progression on a daily basis. Assist in the compilation of training manuals for Supervisors and Senior therapists. Create various data collection forms. Implement picture schedule activities. Implement and train parents and therapists in the usage of Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) for nonverbal kids.

Junior Therapist-May 2001 -January 2003.
Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc.
Implement behavioral interventions. Overlap with new therapist on my cases. Collection and graphing of data. Coordination of phone conferences from abroad. Program progression and completion. Write weekly progress reports on current inappropriate behaviors, interventions and program progression. Utilize the Picture Exchange Communication System. Organize logbooks. Research food contents and allergic reactions found commonly amongst children with autism. Implement a gluten and casein free diet, including eating schedule and food preparation.

Play Therapist-December 2000 – May 2001.
Private Consultant
Contrived situations (structured play scenarios) in which the child mands and tacts. Take data on occurrence of tacts and mands. Establishing self-help skills. Assist parent in behavior management. Attend weekly clinic meetings. Assemble materials required for therapy.

Art Coordinator-May 1998 – September 1998.
Ivy Bound Educational Center
Managed all the extra curricular activities for the summer session. Compiled all activities and projects to be done in the Art Classroom. Purchased and ordered of all material need for all the Elective courses. Made individualized schedules for 60 students ranging from 5-14 years of age.

Teaching Assistant for Statistical Research and Methods- June 2003
California State University at Northridge
Responsibilities include tutoring students for research papers, midterms and finals. Grading and imputing weekly exams for Dr. Jill Razani

English Teacher-September 1997 – May 1998.
Ivy Bound Educational Center
Developed lesson plans for teaching the grammatical rules of the English language. Tutored in reading comprehension and writing proficiency.


A.B.L.L.S Training – The tools of repertoire assessment by Dr. Pardington.

Joint Control – The implications of joint control in verbal behavior by Dr. Lowenkron
Reinforcing and Prompt Hierarchy – Setting up preference assessments, schedule of reinforcement and the various hierarchies of prompting.

A.B.A Curriculum – The new C.A.R.D. curriculum by Dr. Bosch and Marla Saltzman.

Verbal Behavior Training – Mands, Tacts & Intraverbals by Dr. Sebastien Bosch.

Theory of Mind Training – Perspective taking of other individuals by Lisa Brownfield MS.

Social Skills Training – All subcategories and their integration Maureen Moore MS.

Data Collection Training – Collecting and graphing discrete-trial data, probe data and time interval data by Dr. Bosch, Marla Saltzman and Cecilia Knight.

School Shadowing Training – Supporting school goals and promoting peer interactions by Maureen Moore.

Toilet Training – Teaching bathroom related skills.

Self-Help Skills Training– Establishing response chains for daily leaving skills.

Asperger Syndrome Training – Strengths and weaknesses of children diagnosed with Asperger Disorder. Relevant programs and targets.

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) – The entire program protocol.

Data collection and graphing – given at the CAL ABA conference.

Behavior Support Plan quality evaluation guide – received a complete training, from Diana Browning Wright, on how to evaluate behavior intervention plans.

A.B.A. Conference – May 2003 (San Francisco, California)

CalABA Conference – February 2004 (San Francisco, California)

A.B.A. Conference – May 2004 (Boston, Massachusetts)

C.A.S.D Conference – April 2004 (Long Beach, California)

C.A.S.D Conference – November 2003 (Dallas, Texas)

CalABA Conference – February 2005 (Laguna Hills, California)

C.A.S.D Conference – February 2005 (Los Angeles, California)

A.B.A Conference – May 2005 (Chicago, Illinois)

CalABA Conference – February 2006 (San Francisco, California)

A.B.A Conference – May 2006 (Atlanta, Georgia)

CalABA Conference – February 2007 (San Francisco, California)

A.B.A Conference – May 2007 (San Diego, California)

CalABA Conference – February 2008 (Garden Grove, California)

CalABA Conference – March 2009 (Burlingame, California)

CalABA Conference – February 2010 (Irvine, California)

CalABA Conference – February 2011 (Burlingame, California)

CalABA Conference – February 2012 (Garden Grove, California)

CalABA Conference – February 2013 (Garden Grove, California)

ABA Conference – May 2013 (Minneapolis, MN)

CalABA Conference – February 2014 (Burlingame, California)

ABA Conference – January 2015 (Las Vegas, Nevada)


Board member for The Association of Behavior Analysis – 2006 term
California’s Association of Behavior Analysis – Since 2003
The Association for Behavior Analysis – Since 2003