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30 Tips on Managing ADD at Home

Being a parent of an ADHD child is a challenge. Here are 30 tips on managing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) at home.

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LBC Acknowledgement Eva Sciupac

The Learning and Behavioral Center would like to acknowledge Eva Sciupac, Assistant Principal of Harding Elementary School (Sylmar, California). She has shown tremendous care and administrative abili…Read more

New Repetitive Behaviors of OCD or Just “Autism”?

“Our 25-year-old son, diagnosed with PDD-NOS, has always had some repetitive behaviors. Lately, though, he’s wanting to redo things such as getting un…Read more

A new approach to ending bullying: Empowering kids to be kind

Minnesota teacher Lora Hill has found an inspiring way to create a community of kindness in a high school cafeteria. Every Friday morning, Hill cranks up the music and everyone dances.

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